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What Annoys you about your Adventure 1190?

The 1190 Adv is a great bike, the one of the best and most versatile I"ve owned since I bought my first bike 30 years ago. After picking mine up two days ago I've clocked 250 miles on highways, mountain twisties, dirt roads and a bit of mud and noted the following annoyances:

1. The bike sounds like a blender grinding rocks when I decelerate. It seems something is resonating (maybe a panel) in the fairing area. Has anyone pinpointed this?

2. The turn signal switch does not give good feedback...I am never sure if I have actually activated or cancelled it so I find myself having to look down at the instrument cluster to see if it is blinking or has actually been canceled.

3. The windscreen is inadequate for highway riding...I am 6' and although I don't have heavy buffeting above 80 mph, it gets noisy. I had put higher screens on my former 9X0"s and will be doing so on this bike too.

4. I find my boots sometimes slide off the pegs when standing....this did not happen on the 990 and 950. Those rubber inserts may be coming off.

These are minor complaints, kind of like saying a beautiful woman has an ugly big toe.

What annoys you about your 1190?
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