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Originally Posted by RidingDonkeys View Post
My Jeep is down due to electrical gremlins. As such, I've been riding to work all week, despite the thunderstorms.

Yesterday, I rode the Bonnie hack. It is green.

Today, I rode the Ural. It is red.

I approached the Fort Bragg gate and got engaged by stupid. Today, stupid took the form of a MP Private, fresh out of training.

Guard: "I had never seen a sidecar once in my life before yesterday. I saw one yesterday, and now you pull up on this one.

Me: So you saw one yesterday?

Guard: Yep.

Me: Was it a green Triumph with a cargo hack?

Guard: Yep.

Me: Then that was me you saw yesterday too.

Guard: No, the one I saw yesterday was green, not red.

Me: I know, I ride the green one too.

Guard: But this one is a Ural. The one I saw yesterday was a Triumph.

At this point, the guy's NCO is chuckling at the exchange. He gets it, and is laughing at his own Soldier. I've got a formation to get too, so I figure I need to end this quickly.

Me: Wait, you saw a green Triumph yesterday? I've never seen one of those. It must have been something else. Have a great day!

Now the poor kid's NCO is laughing uncontrollably. As I pull off, I hear him say "Private Johnson, didn't we tell you to not to talk to anyone?"

Tomorrow, I'm taking the Triumph and going through his lane again

You ever had a whole platoon of MPs under your command? This is typical until they make E7, then the light switch seems to come on...
"Yes Janet, life is pretty cheap to those types."
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