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This is the best Keihin tuning chart that I can find online:

Your issue is with 3/4 throttle plus, right? So, the main jet is really where you should be looking to tune. If you are happy with the bike other than at 3/4 plus throttle, start making changes to the mains. If the jets are stock, you probably want to try going larger in the mains. My 2005 KTM is generally stock other than 990R cams. My carbs are set to the stock settings, but my mains are 162 front and 168 rear. The bike runs very well.

Whatever you do, do not go the Factory Pro route and put in really large jets. F.P. recommends 45 idle jets, and mains in the range of 175 front and 180 rear. Set like that, the bike is so rich that it will not run properly. It just doesn't work.

Best of luck.
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