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Originally Posted by Orangecicle View Post
My bike came with the Factory Pro setup. It sucked at 850' elevation and stock paper filter with no prefilter. That setup makes the bike way, way rich. I spent a long time working on it and and a lot of money on the dyno to figure out that the 45 idle jets just won't work. Pyndon convinced me to go out and buy the stock 42 idle jets (I didn't have them) and to start bringing down the jetting. My bike jetting is now fairly close to stock, and it runs perfectly. Current setup:

Idle jets: stock 42s
Float height: stock 3mm
Needles: Factory Pro titanium (stock needles are expensive, so I keep these), stock position at second slot from the end. Might move to the middle position the next time I'm in there.
Main jets: 162, 168 (slightly above stock because I run 990R cams and aftermarket exhaust)
IMS screws: FlexJet 2s out 2 turns

I ride the bike at my elevation and also take it to Denver to ride in the mountains. Therefore, having the bike slightly on the lean side is perfectly fine for me. I would guess that my bike is just about perfect on jetting or very slightly lean, so this is the perfect setup.

You can go to the larger jetting to try and make the most power possible out of the bike. However, this is just inconsistent with how the bike was designed to be set up. I do not agree with the Factory Pro people on this point at all. I want a bike that runs and idles well. I don't think you can get that out of the F.P. setup. FWIW.
I've ridden to 14,000 feet, get great power and 40+ mpg out of my Factory Pro jetting. I as well had the same problems you had but later realized the importance of adjusting the float height. Their instructions don't make it so clear and I have found that everyone that's come into my shop with the same complaint didn't lean out the floats.

I'm guessing the problem here is fuel pump, some trash in the jets, or an air leak.
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