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Originally Posted by majlee_vmi View Post
You ever had a whole platoon of MPs under your command? This is typical until they make E7, then the light switch seems to come on...
I have to say my favorite one with an MP did not involve a motorcycle.

I was at Fort Carson and heading to the Company one morning from the BOQ. It was cold and there was ice on the road. I was driving my old Saab 99 with studded snows on all four. Came to a stop sign at a T intersection. Looked both ways. Saw the MP car coming from the right but I had plenty of room so I pulled out to the left.

Next thing I know he lit up so I pulled over. Unfortunately he couldn't stop in time and slid off the road down an embankment, about 10 feet, to the right. I got out of the car looked over the side of the embankment and asked him if he was OK. He said "Yes, sir. But, sir, it's icy out here and you've got to be more careful!"
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