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Originally Posted by Magnus73 View Post
I havenít checked the air filter yet, it's stock but I know they didnít change it the last service though!

Elevation is well normal? 190 meters above sea level : )

Havenít checked the SAS yet, and what canister? : )

But are you saying that I have to change jets?

Sorry for all the questions! But I do appreciate you taking the time to help me!
No worries. Go to and look around. There is a great deal of information there. Here is one page that is very useful:

The canister is a charcoal canister put on the bike at the factory. It causes some problems, and it is best to remove it. SAS is the Supplemental Air System, which pumps fresh air into the exhaust so make sure the catalytic converters in the exhaust work properly. If your bike has stock exhaust, it needs the SAS or the catalytic converts will eventually stop up. If your bike has aftermarket exhaust, it does not need the SAS, and it is best to remove it. It restricts the exhaust by adding addition pressure.

If you want to pull the carbs and increase the main jet size, yes, you will need replacement main jets. These are available from many sources, including KTM. Factory Pro also sells jetting kits that include a variety of main jets so that you can experiment. Just DO NOT try to change out the idle jets and put the F.P. 45 idle jets. That is a mistake.
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