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Originally Posted by Magnus73 View Post
Thank you both!! : )

On my way home from work today it wasn't so bad anymore, blurred from time to time but not every throttle twist? almost not at all...

The bike has stock exhaust, I looked at the air filter and it looked good, standard paper stuff, filter thingie... ; )

But i saw this thread about the cannisterectomy wich Orangecicle mentioned something about, I found the hose I think, and it was unplugged! I plugged it and took a shirt test ride and it felt like it went allot better!?...

But my idle rpm is about 900-1000 rpm, little low isn't it? shouldn't it be around 1400rpm? it stalls very easy at red lights and crawling speed!

But maybe I should take the carburators apart and look everything over, but I want to ride! ; )
Increase your idle with the adjuster hanging down the shifter side of the bike. The adjuster has a black knob on the end.
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