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I missed the live coverage yesterday! Luckily someone capped it. I have to say Redbull TV sucked. The reason they had to flash back to the commentators was because the picture kept going out on the Heli. I'm hoping they have GoPro's on the car somewhere. Although I doubt it. The car looked clean. How unfortunate.

*** edit: Seb's onboard video;

I would have liked to see Monster do the unlimited class though. Rhys broke Monsters record but was always second best. Seb is the first to put a real time down for Unlimited on the new paved course. Will be interesting to see how long it holds up.

This year seemed like the year for EV's though. Nobuhiro Tajima, Hiroshi Masuoka, Greg Tracy and Rod Millen are some heavy hitters in the EV class. Next year will be interesting for sure.

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