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Originally Posted by bikyto View Post
The bdcw is bolt on on all 990s. Only a few years of 950s required grinding (2004 and some 2005)
But I much prefer this one:

I had both fwiw
Exactly. I've also had both, and prefer CJ's (PA Biker's old design, now improved).
I do have Weld 86's excellent Skidplate, but liked CJ's relocator best.

I also have a welded up BIG ASS HOLE in my engine case because I did not get the relocator soon enough.
Mine didn't crack, broke the bolt flange right the fuck off!!

Here's my Side Stand story

BTW, it was a smallish 20 mph fall, in just the right place, not a bonafidee "crash" that did it.

GET the relocator, any relocator

I had a piece of Alu diamond plate welded over the GAPING hole.
It still seeps oil today, but the patch is strong enough and cheaper than a new case. Any thoughts of resale are GONE, however
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