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I just had a chance to use this on my 990 rear wheel this weekend.. out in the dirt.. and it worked brilliantly.. it took only two squeezes, about 6-8in apart.. very little effort, no sweat, packs super small and light.. and if you think $80 is a lot, check out some of the other ones.. one in particular, comes with about 82 pieces, has two pages of instructions on the website, and cost $200-$300 depending on the type of steel you chose - I am NOT kidding.. I've also owned the c-clamp looking one, but it's heavy, slow and also a bit of overkill.. I'm not trying to lift a house, just pop a bead.

if you search around (i.e. google), you can find that BeadPro for under $60.

And yeah, they kind of suck as tire irons, but as a trail side bead breaker, they work brilliantly on probably the hardest wheel to break a bead
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