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Zat's vot I am talking about!

There was cheering in my household when Vettel's transmission let go. I enjoyed that, no matter how petty it makes me look.

Pirelli have a massive problem on their hands. They've been blindsided by tires falling apart on a high speed circuit. They'll have to come up with a fast fix before Spa.

On the one hand, it made for an entertaining race. (Maybe the FIA will mandate that 20% of tires on a weekend will suffer explosive delamination, in the interests of the spectacle ) The safety car helped Alonso, Webber, Hamilton and others.

On the other hand, it's an obvious safety hazard and a huge black eye for Pirelli. And Hamilton was robbed of a likely race win.

Man, there was some intense racing it the end. Alonso's pass on Daniel Ricciardo was breathtaking.

Great fun, Zat's vot I am talking about!

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