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I decided to spend the weekend in Dublin before heading on little did I realize but there was a gay pride weekend in progress complete with parade. I got to walk around some see some stuff and headed over to the Guiness brewery. I will add the brewery is nice if you like a two hour advertisement that will cost you 13 Euro. Don't expect to go there and see pumps vats valves or pipes because they wont show it. The whole thing is geared towards tourism and they make ample space available for you to buy merchandise and other crap. You get a ticket for one free beer too and have to pay for more which are more expensive than the bars in town.

I got back into the city centre just in time for the parade to end. It looked like everyone had a good time the whole street was sticky and broken glass was everywhere. The night life was very active too. I met a couple nice guys in the street and they gave me some flowers they said it was for lovers. I took their flowers and went into a bar of course the place was packed and I gave the flowers to some girls to gain access to the bar. These girls were the classy types that immediately stuck the flowers up their nose or mouth for who knows what reason but it looked like fun.

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