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Now excuse me, but WTF does "maximum insurance" mean? It that like "full coverage", which is pretty meaningless also? Does "maximum insurance" mean you have PIP, UIM, UMPD, UMBI, etc. etc., what what what? Oh yeah, and to what policy limits, $300,000 or $500,000 or what?
I agree with Viverrid on this one. Lemme tell you right now, if you have the true "maximum" coverage, you're looking at a HUGE increase in premiums. When I last looked at insurance, the "full" package was three times the amount of just comprehensive and liability. This stuff isn't cheap!! Even with multi-bike discounts, there's no way you'll get $400/yr or bi-annually; maybe per MONTH, but not yearly.

You might want to double check what your coverage actually details, and Wlfman's post is really good as a checklist.
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