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Like I said earlier I missed Wheatwacker at the airport Famouse messaged me asking if everything is going alright and things were but thanks for checking in. I got in touch Wheatwacker on Sunday we went motorcycle shopping that night and I bought a 1998 Honda transalp 600 late at night. I looked like a good bike in the dark but the same thing happens with girls sometimes. The next morning when I went to look things over in detail it wasn't quite as pretty. I had to get the brakes worked on so I went over to wheatwackers friends Alton's place. The bolt head in the caliper was stripped so things got serious. Alton is a good mechanic and has a number of used parts available so we got everything fixed. Wheatwacker is letting em stay at his place for free but if you ever come here it may not cost anything but it's not free. I had to help him pick up a motorcycle and front end loader, set up and maintenance a tractor, and mark out a new shed.

Good news about the shed it's being built to accommodate bikes and riders I feel privilaged that in a few years when hundreds of riders will pass through this future riders mecca I was here building it.

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