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Originally Posted by pinevalley View Post
Kriega rash - well is not really a rash.

Iím getting some rubbing from the aluminum buttons that hold the straps onto the Overlander 30. I got the same rash from the GL, but these seem to be much deeper as there is focal pressure. I was not really worried about this as is it dirty most of the time and rear fenders are disposable and cheap, but I just installed a rear Safari tank and was not too keen on the aluminum button rubbing on the tank (photos here: intent in bringing this up is not to whine, but to present a potential solution to share:

My rash:

My button:

My solution:

I had some left over rubber laying around. Punched two holes and scored the center with a razor blade - essentially making a dog bone shaped cut out.

I have not tested this solution yet so there might be flaws, but I though I would pass this information around to others who might me concerned about the rubbing caused by the aluminum buttons.

Hi mate,

Like teaveltoad said; nice solution. That's just one of the things I love about folk on this forum - rather than moan about an issue, the vast majority just go ahead and figure out a way to negate it.

Obviously the rear Safari tanks significantly change the layout of the bike and a standard fit (where the fasteners do not contact with the bodywork) for the Overlander 30 could become less likely. That said, I reckon it could well be possible to do away with the carabiners / additional straps etc you have there and raise the bags up some, so that the top fasteners sit clear of the plastics. Might also be able to do something with the lower fastener by wrapping the daisy chain around the frame behind the panel in front of where it's currently attached.

If you want to PM me over more detailed photos, I'd be happy to check em over and see if I can make any solid suggestions. But no worries, if you've been through the options and believe you have the best custom set-up available.


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