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+1 on all the calls for a 2nd opinion. I had symptoms like Meniere's off and on for several years, where the room would start acting like a Ferris wheel or start doing barrel rolls. After extensive (and very nasty) tests, it got diagnosed was Benign Positional Vertigo. "Benign", my a$$ - one time the room spun so bad I hyperventilated, got numb in the extremities, and was taken to the ER with a "potential stroke". At age 23. Another time I started spinning while I was driving (the car). Fortunately I was on the flat, straight I-80 in Iowa at the time so I just kept the controls straight and did fine. For about 10 yrs I ALWAYS had meclizine handy.

The good news was that it pretty much went away by itself - I haven't had a bad attack since about 1993. I make sure I keep well hydrated to keep the inner ear fluid in balance, and I don't go on amusement park rides or do anything that involves spinning. So there's hope. Good luck.


Edit - Re Gap's post. Funny thing; Years after my inner symptoms settled down I got diagnosed with celiac, and went gluten-free.
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