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Originally Posted by Mr&MrsErnbo View Post
Cochran, Ga yard art or tire sale?

I grew up down in Conyers, GA. This is not art.
This is passing your home inspection. Either used 2 ways...

1) To firm up in case one side of the house starts to lean.
2) In case you need to get rubber back on the house if
a flood is coming and you need to relocate to higher ground.

Also used to prove to the DMV that the vehicle in the front yard
ain't being used for transportation no more. It's for just sitting
and watching. Doubles as mother-in-law quarters too.

Plus, gives the kids a base for hide and seek so they ain't
stompin on the front porch.

Put a chair up there, can be used as a lookout for deer or the
revenue man.

Conyers. Nobody else got use for us, but we got use for us. Yeehaw.
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