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So now that I've got a few hundred miles on the bike, a couple of updates and notes:

All of the electronic aids (ASC, ABS, Dynamic ESA, etc) are fantastic. I finally got to mess around in the dirt a bit, and the different modes have been great to play with. It really makes a huge difference to switch from Rain to Road, to Dynamic to Enduro or Enduro PRO. The power changes are intense, and the ABS and traction control differences are very noticeable.

The Dynamic ESA is crazy. That's the only word to explain it. There was a bit of a learning curve going into the first few corners, but it's amazing how solid the bike feels in the twisties. The rebound self-adjusting is the most noticeable part. Hitting bumps mid-corner doesn't throw your line off one bit, which can be helpful on our wonderful roads

The new transmission and wet clutch are awesome, and the clutch pull is almost non-existent. The higher revs take some getting used to, but it's really a big improvement once you ride it for a bit.

The best thing about the bike in my eyes is the weight distribution. even though it weighs about 13 lbs more than last year's bike, it feels 50-75 lbs lighter, almost like riding a wide F800GS, but more planted thanks to the smaller front wheel. I've always noticed that the oil-heads feel a bit light in the front, and all of that is gone on the new bike. There's no "floating" sensation in the front end any more, even under heavy acceleration.

The new Anakee 3 tires have performed very well so far, and have a lot more grip than I was expecting.

I'm still in the honeymoon stage, so there aren't really any complaints on my end so far. I definitely put a lot of thought into this purchase, and was pretty aware of what I was getting my self into. While I'm going to own a lot of bikes in the future, I already can tell I'd be perfectly happy with nothing but a GSW for a long, long time.
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