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The hardest 60kms of it's life... So far.

Today was a freaking great day! Finally got to hang it out with a couple friends on their 200's today on some pretty damn challenging terrain. Lots of loose scree climbs, mondo rocky descents, 6000ft of altitude at times on single track with a gnarly looking fall on either side and a whole bunch of mud to play in. The 990 held her own and I only had one small off all day which was a result of my poor judgement on where I placed the front wheel to come out of a creek and up the 5 foot bank. I coulda kicked myself, but took it like a champ and laughed about it, haha!

Started the day at noon as they wanted to run some single track before I got there and I was fine with that. I wanted a fairly mellow ride, but it sure didn't turn out that way. I let them lead and choked on their 2 smoke all the way and when they turned off onto a trail I know very well I asked if they were sure they wanted to go down it... the reply was yes and so I said to carry on! We've had major rainfall and flooding in our area and I wasn't sure what to expect... The next 57.8kms of a loop we made was very entertaining!

It was a day full of 6000ft ascents, rocky scree climbs and descents, muddy madness, shotgun sounding bangs from boulders on the skid plate, log jumping, maneuvering the bike under fallen trees and in general just a lot of fun... I really, really, REALLY am gagging for more suspension and stiffer suspension now! No one had any big moments even though there was plenty of opportunity and no one even got mad, :) I love days like today... I am so tired I will post pics tomorrow though. Except for this one... She's got some beauty marks now and I need to find some flush mount signals... ;) And tires... Put a hole in the sidewall of the Scout either today or yesterday. Luckily, no puncture.

For those familiar with McLean Creek, that's the tight little single track on the south side of 5 corners. Yes, we sure did that!
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