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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post

Wow that's a lot of bikes. And some pretty fast guys too (Cosentino, Pastori, Calesini, Gandini, and... Paolo Ceci? Bianchi Prata ? holy shit)

There go any chances of a trophy this year

Is there going too be a limit to the bike entries?

Also, since I am getting the bike all ready and polished after Albania, the maximum fuel range is 150kms again, right?
Hello Angelo!
My congrats for Albania!!!
We are expecting 3-4 more "strong names" who will fight for the victory too!

But the chances are always exist!

There are 4 basic categoties for the Serres Rally, A (250), B (-450), C (+450), D (quad)
but there are more classes too: C2 (600+) C3 (twins) D+ (buggies) W (women) V (veterans...)
...and of cource every day's stage trophy, so you can find one! Hahaha!

Yes! There is going to be a limit to 100 entries both for cars and bikes, so to the organization gives 100% the maximum safety to the participants.
Too much people means means loss of control, and we don't want something like this.

Yes! 150kms is ok! But don't loose your way! If our last orga car "catch you", they will sell you the gas for... 5€ per litre! Hahaha!
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