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Originally Posted by trailjammer View Post
You will most likely have to remove the counter shaft sprocket after I took a quick look again. You shouldn't have to break the chain. Just pull the axle out a bit so the axle blocks are clear and slide the wheel all the way forward and you'll have enough chain slack to remove counter shaft and slide it back to pull the chain off the counter shaft sprocket. Pretty easy. Good luck.
Originally Posted by harcus View Post
I replaced the swingarm slider on my EXC without removing the counter. I did slip the chain off the rear sprocket to get it out of the way & removed the case saver. The most time consuming issue was removing the upper slider retaining screw whose head had been partially machined off with the chain. Best to do sooner rather than later.
Originally Posted by justlookin View Post
Thanks for the replies on the slider change. I changed mine yesterday and it was cake. Just wanted to reply with a few observations.
My bike has 2000mi and I put a 15T countershaft sprocket on recently. I removed the master link and front sprocket, good thing because master link was dry and starting to bind from lack of lube. I do think the job could be done without removing the chain, but getting the sprocket out of the way sure gives much more room to work, also I like to keep moly paste on the splines.
Also noticed that all slider wear was on the top and the bottom of the slider looked new. I was happy about that because my Yamaha wears out the bottom of the slider and the top looks fine - much harder to see.
I used TM designs slider - they claim much longer life - I hope so.
Thank you very much to all for the information! When I need to change the slider I will post my experience as well
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