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Originally Posted by Eddieb View Post
One of our Wellington riders in his 60's has had Meniers for a few years and is still riding so it's possible for some. He's an inmate here too so I'll make sure he see's this thread and can contibute if sees fit.
Well Eddie is a pal of mine - riding with him keeps me young at 65

As Eddie has said I suffer from attacks of vertigo that can be debilitating. I currently medicate on 16mg per day of SERC following a major episode which saw me hospitalised for a night whilst travelling in Europe in late 2007.

My experiences with attacks of vertigo began in the mid '80's. Initially my spins lasted only a short time and had me holding on to my chair or clutching a desk. In 2000 I had a major spin whilst motorcycling - it began as I looked up on leaving a small stream crossing and got progressively worse over 10km where I stopped the bike - and literally slid to the ground. My wife had to come and pick me up in the car - during this and subsequent attacks - feeling hot and vomiting whilst the whole world is rotating has been a common experience.

Coupled with the spins in my case has been hearing loss - significant in my right ear and lesser in my left - talking in a social setting is really hard.

I find triggers for me are Stress, Excessive Caffeine, alcohol and salt.

For me the attacks are far less frequent and with the SERC I'm able to lead a normal life. Keeping up on one's sleep is also a necessity I find.

Other's have commented that Meniere's is difficult to diagnose and tends to be applied to a lot of conditions to do with the inner ear - that's been my experience aslo

Someone has already referred to the Meniere's Support Group - I have found this helpful in times past

best wishes Aslan
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