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Originally Posted by jordan325ic View Post
My motorcycles are my only form of transportation. I am a mature, conservative adult rider with no accidents or speeding tickets on a bike, but that doesn't mean I'll live forever. If I am tired, if I am late for work, if it is raining, if I am angry, if it's 105 degrees outside, if I had a (single) beer after work, if it's 30 degrees outside, I will be getting on the bike and riding because that is what I love to do. The preservation of life is not the primary goal of living. I accept that death will catch up to me no matter what I do. How do you want to die?
Nicely put.

I have been riding to get around since 1969, and have seldom owned a car.

I got a a couple of speeding tickets in the early seventies. In early 1976 I was knocked off my bike by a fast moving car as the driver pulled in after overtaking the car behind me.... "I didn't see you," he said. His fault, but had I been more aware and better positioned on the road i could probably have avoided the accident.

Since then the post above could equally apply to me, and sums up my point of view.
there are old motorcyclists and bold motorcyclists
but you seldom meet an old, bold motorcyclist
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