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Originally Posted by corndog67 View Post
So, how many is too many?

A while back, a guy mentioned he had crashed or dropped his bike, at least 1000 times.

In the dirt, I've probably crashed 100 times, more or less. On the street, once in 1979. Riding since 1971 or so. I think, if I would have crashed 1000 times on the street, besides not being able to afford new levers and bars every month, I probably would have given up years ago.

So how many is too many? When you can't afford the hospital bills or insurance premiums any more? When you physically can't pick it up any more? When you need to buy a 3 wheeler? When do you hang it up?
Originally Posted by khager View Post
One crash for me on the street, a few more in the dirt, I"ve been riding street since 78 at the tender age of 16 ahhhhh! the good old days. Maybe we should do a poll.
Originally Posted by sieg View Post
40 years hundreds of thousands of miles, on the street, down one time when I hit a dog. On the other hand 40 years, tens of thousands of miles, off road racing and riding, more times than I can count.
Similar story for many here, many I know, and me.

Off road, the odd off goes with the territory.

Riding since '65, licenced since '69 (a couple of weeks after I turned 15). Only crash thus far was in 1976; not my fault, but realised with greater awareness I could have avoided it.

It doesn't make us immune, but on the road, recognise the risk and deal with it..... or give up on motorcycling. A few add way more to the statistics than they should.
there are old motorcyclists and bold motorcyclists
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