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Originally Posted by mcmann View Post

Next question: would a bike with a waving oil filter (due to WP seal issues) take a bit longer for the oil light to go off at start up . . . To give you a heads up to check the oil filter?
The design of the WP with no bleed gap is the issue....Is difficult to tell Mann, after a winter of lots of short runs on my SE, I had gunk on the sight glass, on the filler cap, and in clutch cover...wavey filter....but NO coolant loss.

You guys over the pond with a better climate a wavey oil filter is probably a good indication of WP failure...but not exclusively. When my WP seal went I had all the above systems but crucially I could see I HAD lost coolant, this is checking from the radiator and not expansion bottle....IMPORTANT.

Edit. Oil use, my SE blows oil through the vent if filled to max line, so after oil change low Also the engine stopped using/burning noticeable oil between changes a 9000 miles ish.
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