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Originally Posted by A. T. T-W View Post

I was going to buy a new Renault yesterday but Vettel's transmission failure put me off.

So are you saying that manufacturers, suppliers, and sponsors are not involved in F1 primarily for increasing brand awareness and thereby sales of their products? How many more cars have Ferrari sold due to their racing pedigree? How many sales have Lamborghini lost out on because they don't have a racing pedigree?

Pirelli and before them, Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, etc.. participated for two main reasons, one for the development of new materials, processes, and manufacturing advancements and two, to sell tires, not F1 tires, but road tires.

Certainly there are fans that are influenced by the products and companies they see regularly in F1, why would tires be any different? If someone considering themselves part of the tifosi had the money to burn on a new, mid-engine supercar, which one do you think would be near the top of the list?

Do you think Pirelli's perceptible poor performance this year has helped sales for road cars?
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