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Lots of interesting things here.

Some teams did resist changing the tires. The rules said it had to be unanimous, so Pirelli were blocked. Hard to blame them for what ensued.

FIA has now changed that, see below.

Watching practice and qualifying, I had noticed that the color circle on the inside of the front tires looked squidgy. I couldn't figure out why it wasn't perfectly round. The explanation is that the teams were running very low pressures and the tires were deforming more than usual. Again, hard to blame Pirelli.

I wasn't aware that teams had swapped sides for tires. Is that a normal practice?

Tires will change twice between now and Spa. That's an enormous change that teams will have to grapple with.

And guess who loses out? Mercedes. They won't be able to test the new stuff at Silverstone. Even worse, the FIA is allowing regular drivers to test the tires in the "young driver test", which makes it a double blow for Mercedes.

Gotta love F1's turmoil. there's always something.

Previously the rules allowed teams to block Pirelli from changing the tyres but the safety issues raised by six cars suffering tyre deflations at the British GP - and at least two others being found at pit stops to have tyres on the verge of failure - have forced governing body the FIA to intervene.

The FIA announced on Monday evening that it would change the rules to allow the tyre specification to change within the season without the unanimous approval of the teams.

It has also allowed the race drivers to take part in this month's young driver tests to enable Pirelli to do tyre development work.
The 2012 tyres which will be reintroduced for the Hungarian race are different again from the tyres to be used in Germany.

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