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Originally Posted by bv11 View Post
So this guy gets disciplined for doing something that isn't illegal, that anyone who posted in this thread could do without consequence, and everyone lines up to bitch that the police can do whatever they want?
Believe it or not I didn't post the article/photo in hopes of starting a police-bashing session. My father, grandfather, and uncle have all had careers in law enforcement. I've met cops that are great stand up guys that everyone here would love, and others that live up to the negative reputation they've earned as a people group. It would appear this fellow falls into the latter category based on the story.

When you enter into a career of public service, you enter into a higher level of public scrutiny. You're in a position of authority and you are paid from tax dollars. People are watching you and waiting for you to screw up. And now, almost everyone of them is armed with a camera at all times (smartphones). Doing something stupid like this, legal or not, is, well, stupid. What he was doing was endangering the lives of others and his own. The fact that he was caught on camera and it went public has probably already contributed to the saving of lives across the country.

As for being disciplined, the statemnt from his department states he was violating specific policies that prohibit texting while operating police vehicles. That's pretty clear cut to me.
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