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Vintage sidehack racer project

I have decided to thin my list of projects I have just sitting in the garage. I will probably end up replacing it with another project but that is how things go.

This was built by Doug Bingham at Side Strider for Bob Braverman, the editor of cycle guide, 1n 1971. It started out with a 500cc H1 kawi motor and then was upgraded to a 750cc later in its career. I purchased this , less an engine, off of Ebay a couple of years ago. As you can see it was pretty complete less engine when I bought it.
So far what I have done is sand blast and prime the frame, had the wheels powder coated, new tires and bearings all the way around, new deck for the monkey, found a complete set of H1 expansion chambers to modify for the exhaust and have a complete roller 1972 H1 (less title) to go with the project. There is some minor rust on the hubs for the wheels and I have not completed the body work on the fairings. The engine did fire up when I picked up the donor bike, but unknown if it will now. There is a fuel tank that sets behind the engine, not shown, and the small tank on top of the frame.
I also have some of the original magazines with the articles about the hack and Doug Bingham gave me copies of the complete series of articles. This machine has a lot of racing history including Bonneville and if you could figure out how to make it street legal would be a blast.
I am asking $1200.00 for the whole package (hack and donor H1) and of course price is negotiable. As far as shipping this is going to be a come and get it or we might be able to work out a delivery compromise.
The yellow and blue was when I picked it up. looks like somebody might of had it on the street at one time.

PM or email me if you have any questions.
This project is looking for a loving home don't let it go to the boneyard.
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