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Originally Posted by deejay_xr View Post
Well fuck me with an iron stick !!!

The goddamn European Parliament voted yes on mandatory annual roadworthy tests for motorcycles.
Something we have NEVER had before, and something that is completely unnecessary.

Dutch roads have among the lowest number of traffic accidents in the whole goddamn world, and if you check the numbers the amount of accidents involving a motorcycle that are due to poor maintenance of the bike is infinitesimal.

Knowing European bureaucratics, this is gonna cost a shitload of money (which is ofcourse the whole reason they're implementing it) and is going to be riddled with legislation that my old '87 XR6 is NOT going to pass.

Goddamn politicians, learn to manage your goddamn money instead of extorting people that have something they enjoy and gives them just a little diversion from the 15 different kinds of taxes they already pay out the ass !

Sorry 'bout that fellas, I think I'll go ride .....
Are all Euro countires super Nanny states now? Here in the US the only state that is that bad is California, and maybe a few others close.
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