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Cush Drive Shim! Amazing difference!


I need to tell you guys about this.
If you have a CUSH sprocket setup, you must do this.
It made a H U G E difference in the way the bike feels on/off throttle.

Basically you shim either side of the "CUSH" rubber V shaped isolators inside your rear sprocket so it will sit tighter on the wheel. What that does is virtually eliminate any lag on or off throttle.

Before when i used to let off throttle at say 30mph i would get this lag then JERK like the chain was loose when it engaged to hit the chain/sprocket. It was the gaps on either side of the CUSH rubber!! Now its IMMEDIATE response to get power to wheel either on or off throttle.

I ended up shimming mine with the plastic box tie straps. Such as the stuff wrapped on a pallet, etc. Its firm / hard plastic. Just cut it into 1" strips and shim either side of your rubber CUSH isolators. The result was incredible! I put one on each side of my CUSH isolator and that enabled a tight match when i installed sprocket to wheel.

Here's a vid that shows process...same thing, different bike.

Hope it helps !

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