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Originally Posted by Team Longriders View Post

I hate to say it, but why not just let wildfires burn in the wild. It's one thing to take a stand in homes and neighborhoods, but in the wilds? Seems like an unnecessary risk. Feel bad for the wives and especially the small children.
I lived in Phoenix for 25 years and had been up Yarnell Hill (where the 19 firefighters died) many times. There's an ongoing but rather quiet discussion that unless homes/people are threatened, fires should be allowed to burn. 200 years ago that's what would happen and the fires would clean up the forest litter (dead trees/etc) and thin the forest thus reducing the intensity of subsequent fires.

Now the flammable material just keeps getting deeper because we keep putting out the fires. Thus they are worse... and we've lost 19 lives.
Originally Posted by Stevie2wheels
Even so I wouldn't sit there like a shag on a rock, waiting to be punched up the arse into next week by the next negligent drongo who happens to come along.
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