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I have the HBC 200 headset and the WT300 bluetooth radio/GPS/whatever accessory for it.

The HBC200 pairs with my iPhone flawlessly. Works just great.

Can't get the damn WT300 to pair with the HBC200 in anything other than A2DP mode. And when that happens the remote PTT switch is useless as it no longer works with the WT300 unless I pair it again, which requires plugging the PTT switch into power and holding down the button. And then it will pair with the WT300 however then the WT300 "forgets" it's already been paired with the HBC200.
Looks like they decided to go with a bluetooth-based PTT switch (why when cheaper and more reliable low-power wireless options exist?) and the WT300 I have seems to only want to pair with either the PTT switch or the HBC200 - never both at the same time completely defeating the purpose of the device when used with a 2-way radio such as a cheap walkie-talkie or a ham radio such as my ICOM ID-51A. When it pairs with the HBC200 it works great for listening to an external music source and when plugged in to my ICOM ID-51A amateur radio HT I can hear the other hams coming in fine. Can't actually talk to them through the HBC200+WT300 combo but it sounds great. When the PTT switch is finally paired with the WT300 it keys up my ID-51A perfectly but since the HBC200 is unable to pair with the WT300 at the same time as the PTT switch, it's useless.
I've contacted their support but haven't heard anything back at the moment.
Also, none of their items have any kind of serial number on them at all which is kind of odd considering the expense.

I have a feeling the jumped the gun on the HBC 200 "Force" and didn't thoroughly test it with their own WT300 accessory. Hopefully a firmware update to either the HBC200 or the WT300 will fix it.

The way I see it, they'll fix what's wrong with my WT300 or I'll get my money back.

If you're a solo kind of rider who just wants to listen to tunes without the hassle of a boom or other wired microphone, the HBC200 alone is fine in my opinion.
But if you want to do radio comms on the road, look elsewhere far, far away from uClear.

Right now I'm kind of pissed off about the whole thing. But I'll wait until I hear back from their support.
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