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Originally Posted by joef View Post
Ever since Pirelli took over as sole tire manufacture the racing has been all about the tires, I understand they are under orders from the governing bodies but c'mon now enough is enough. The tires suck and the drivers know it. Racing is about going all out not "managing your tires" until the end
Going all out like Alonso did at Barcelona?

F1 has always been all about the tires. Teams endlessly bitch about them, because that way they don't have to blame themselves for their own shortcomings. That's obviously a bit of an exaggeration, but not much of one. Do you not remember the Michelin/Bridgestone days?

Hell, just today I read that even when Mercedes was struggling, they thought their car was perfect, it was the tires that were the problem.

Yes, tires blowing up is a terrible thing every way you look at it. But the piling on that Pirelli have been getting is out of bounds, for me.

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