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Originally Posted by vwboomer View Post
Karoo3 in 140/18.
2004 950A which has the safety bead. not sure if the later models do?
That's my third tire change and it's always a nightmare. Conversely, I change tires on my 300's in about 15 minutes. Except for ice tires
probably like anything, just takes practice.. I can change the rear tire now in about 30 minutes from start to finish, although I cheat a little by using a manual tire changer, but I use it mostly to hold a vise like grip on the wheel, and removing the old one.. the rest I do by hand with two 12in tire irons, a bead buddy, and a little wd40.. and of course the beadPro

The rear is actually easier to me, then the front, because it's so easy to keep the tire down in the center portion on the rear since the rim is so friggen wide. The front takes me about 45-60min because of narrower rim, and fiddling with the brake pads on the calipers..

so yeah, that thing works a champ for breaking bead, but forget about using it for tire irons.. get a set of good ones.
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