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Wicked Stock carby settings

Here here Captain !,
def' listen to Elsalvador on this one, I run 160 main and 64 pilot, 3 clips from top, 2 1/2 turns out. I've been riding with these settings for ages now with no complaints..makes good power, starts well ect.ect however feel it is a very good starting point (this is at sea level), SO I'm just about to fine tune and fettle with leaner jets as there maybe more room to move ......UNTIL last night, iiiiiit's FFFFFCCCCCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRRRRRRRR TIIIIIIIIIIIIIME !!!! Yea Haaaa!

AAHHHH !. Whats the best way to clearance the corner of the tank ???????

(PS my Honda manual has a jetting chart, which indicates 158/160 main at sea level.)

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Steve, that look delicious! And an Oreo base...your machinist is a lucky guy.

Thanks man, I'll give that a go! Although I've cleaned a few carbs (due to buying/fixing my friends old bikes) I've never bothered really playing around with the jetting of before. I knew you'd have the good info for this shit, I remember seeing you try and get the jetting spot on for what seemed like ages. I'll let you know how I go.
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Deejay, that sucks so much. But maybe it will get lost in parliment, or won't be implemented till 2020 or something? I mean, that is a absolutely massive scale operation of testing every bike, every year! Maybe it won't come to fruition?

If it makes you feel any better, Queensland (my state) is apparently brining in new anti-hooning laws. Hooning in Aus and NZ is pretty much car or bike street racing, burnouts, wheelies etc.
If you get caught doing any of these its an immediate 90 suspension/confiscation and large fine. If you get caught a second time, they sell your vehicle at an auction OR CRUSH YOUR VEHICLE AND SELL IT FOR SCRAP METAL.

I'm hoping that it won't get brought in but politicians love to say they are combating things like hooning.


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