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That first TAT proper night we camped at Sale Creek lake which is off Tennesse river near Shelton cemetery. A random dude gave us Smores, Golfish. Cheesecake cookies, Kaiser rolls, Angle food cake. etc. All Pepperidge Farms Products. Maybe he works for them?? Almost couldn't camp there because of a Tornado that had come through and the camp host said the tent sites weren't ready yet . Eventually, the guy warmed up to us and we got a beautiful spot right by the lake. 3 wood ticks were crawling on my legs in a vey short amount of time . I had treatd most of my clothes with Premetherin which repels them, so I switched into my treated pants. Richard and Travis compared notes on Central American countries where they both had lived.
Next day started off c.c..cccold!! End up getting lost in a new development. Streets changed? Many miles later, slept next to a place called Boobie Bungalo. Full moon. 3 beds in condo. Ate tuna with goldfish on smushed hamburger buns. Mostly all paved.
Next morning started off mostly paved. Great breakfast biscuits. Richard lost tent poles so we back tracked. Never found the tent poles. It was Memorial Day weekend and as I had feared.... all campsites all full just south of Savannah Tenn. So we got a hotel this time we all got our own rooms... We were starting to need space from each other. Ate Chili dogs with squished buns --really good. Got an early start into Missisppi the next morning. We crossed our first TAT border and as the GPS said we crossed the only thing that changed was the mix of blacktop aggregate. Shortly thereafter we crossed a rickety bridge, then a couple miles of paved roads before a nice swath of dirt. There was logging happening and some elevation gain which was nice because we were able to see the terrain a bit.
The dirt was red and dry but not too dusty. We were making good time when a sedan came flying around the corner. Richard was in front so they had to see him, but there was no indication that they had slowed down at all. Even though cars are pretty rare on the TAT, you have to treat blind corners appropriately..
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