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I'm getting quite far behind on this ride report! Sorry.
Phone signal is getting more and more patchy now, making it harder to get posts up. That's my excuse anyway :p

I'm in New Orleans tonight and tomorrow night. (It'll be good to hang out again Dean)
I'll then be heading onto Austin. I'll let you know what day I plan to be there when it's more definite, Diveschool. Thanks.

Back to the report.
This is a few days old now, but I'll try and catch up by doing shorter posts.

Day 17

Waking up after a hot and sweaty night sleep in southern Arkansas. I decided to ditch the idea of going south for now, and head north to the Ozarks for some elevation, good roads, and hopefully some cooler weather.
My first stop off the day was a quick call in at Little Rock for some petrol and check out capitol hill while id there.

I went to pay for the fuel. I was then told the by the charming cashier lady. Credit card declined!

My bank had blocked my cards.

I was straight on the phone, however T-Mobile wouldn't let me dial international without an extortionate monthly fee.
Luckily I had a bit of cash so I manage to fill the tank. I then used most of this tank, and a good hour or 2 trying to find somewhere with a payphone or WiFi.
No payphones seem to exist anymore. But after a little more searching, I found a Wi-Fi connection for Skype. The connection was terrible though, and after several attempts to go through the annoying electronic automated system and being disconnected. (Top tip. Just keep pressing 0 at each menu, it'll take you to an operator after a few presses.) I finally got through to someone, but it was impossible to speak with them due to the line dropping out all the time. ghead:

Not going well so far :(

I have up with the bank and used the WiFi, to find me a place to stay within the distance of my fuel tank. Which is annoyingly short at about 150 miles, and not quite far enough to get me to the Ozarks and hopefully those cooler temperatures :(

After only a couple of minutes of searching, my day started to look up. A campsite not far away, called Mt Nebo State Park. And as you can probably guess it was on top of a mountain :)
On the map it was the only hill for quite some distance, and it looked like a little oasis in a sea of heat and humidity.
I hit the highway to get me there just as the sun was setting. The phoning of the bank had taken longer than i thought.

The drive up to the top was a tight and twisty alpine climb, and I could feel the air getting cooler the further up the road I went.

At the top I was greeted by spectacular views of either side of the mountain. One called sunrise point and the other sunset point, as they looked over to the east and west. Unfortunately it was cloudy on the horizon for the sunset, but it was still pretty cool.

I set my tent up and had a very nice nights sleep.
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