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Originally Posted by ManiZ View Post
Hmm...where is the "I hate all cops" crowd today?

Hats off to the off-duty cop; he likely saved other people's lives from this douche. Even better to hear the couple escaped with their lives.

I had an asshole kid in an SUV cut me off (rear bumper grazed my right knee) at a traffic light recently. Pulled over and called it in; plates/make/model/driver's description and all. An officer came and took my report then called the next day to say the PD from kid's jurisdiction paid him a visit and he was scared shitless to see them (cop's words). Perhaps he will be more careful now.

That incident is why my Contour ROAM2 arrived in the big brown truck today. I will be filming every ride from now.
Congratulations on surviving your close encounter with the stupid kind, ManiZ. I've had similar close calls, most recently with a VIB (Very Important Bitch) who would have hit the sidecase on the left side of my bike had I not been in gear to move up a couple of feet in a hurry. A guy I used to work with had a similar encounter that left him with a impressive conversation piece of a bruised knee. He was not thinking quite as quickly as you were to get that driver's tag, though she was kind enough to roll down the window and lecture him briefly on being in her way. Too bad our laws frown on slapping such sphincters with wrenches. Unless you can clean house on someone financially for such misbehavior, I think the only thing that ever really gets their attention is an experience that scares them so badly they're scarred for life.
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