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Originally Posted by PalePhase View Post
I think the only thing that ever really gets their attention is an experience that scares them so badly they're scarred for life.
That's an interesting point. I have made a point of making my unhappiness with people who turn left in front of me, refuse to signal, refuse to yield, etc., VERY clear, usually with a combination of the horn and the finger. The other day I was following a truck on a two lane and when I got to a legal passing zone, the fucker pulled into the middle of the road cutting my lane off. Several miles later, s/he turned left at a gated entrance, and while waiting for the gate to open I stopped behind him/her and gave them the biggest bad ass look a 58 year old guy on a Ulysses can give someone in a truck with truck nuts. I could sense they were pretty nervous.

But recently, in my car, (I won't mention the make in THIS thread) a douche turned left in front of me at a green light and I had to hit the brakes. I hit the horn and gave him the single digit salute, and holy crap did my wife get mad at me..."he could have a gun, he could be nuts...." I tried to make the argument that I was trying to impress him with his douchebaggery, but she wouldn't have it.
The crows seemed to be calling his name, thought Caw.

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