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Just a short quick shout out to both CJ and Weld86. Without two crucial pieces of gear on this bike, yesterday would have been a nightmare, lol! Did a going over on the bike today with a fairly decent wash job, although the flash in the photos makes it look like I never washed it at all, :( I want to thank all of the vendors who've helped this build along and all of the great help the OC has been too! This bike's nearly where I want it to be... so close!

Here's some indications of why I put this skid pan on... This is from ONE ride off road, haha! (Ok, ok... depending on what you call off road, it's been down some pretty rough forestry roads and rocky gravel stuff... I mean OFF road though) My only complaint, and it's not really a complaint as there's not much to do about it, is that I would soften the lower leading edge on the skid pan... If it was a bit rounder it would make mounting and carrying inertia over fallen logs much easier. I learned to just blip it harder on the second blip when going up and over (blip throttle to bring front end up, second blip when front tire touches obstacle, presto!) and hang on for the ride cause if you don't get up enough it catches that hard edge and will stop you hard enough to make your baby makers seek refuge in your gut, ;) Yes, I know it's not a 250, but anything can be ridden most anywhere if you just have the patience and cohones.

Took all the paint off this side lip on a few slides on boulders... If this was stock my case would be busted and a whole bunch of parts would be scattered on that rocky stretch.

Lol... there were a few times the other riders asked if I had broken something and I just yelled ahead that everything was fine... it's just the sound a rock makes when hitting a 5mm thick piece of Al, I wonder how long the powder coating will last?

This one almost bucked me off... A decent sized dent right near the corner. I swear this skid pan is bullet proof!

No hits on the relocator...

BUT! If I hadn't have relocated the sidestand I can freaking GUARANTEE that I would have done extensive and MAJOR damage to the case! The pan shows a few scrapes, but at the top there is a sizeable dent right where it would have contacted the sidestand...

Furthermore, this is what it did to the sidestand, lol!!!

Both of the mods are insanely well worth almost any cost less than a new set of cases or an ignition. I HIGHLY recommend dealing with CJ as he's got great customer service (even through the middle of a move he had my stuff to me when I got back to Canada!!!) and great products! He's a bit busy at the moment due to a move of his shop, but it will be worth the wait, I promise!

Thanks again Craig!!!
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