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Two for me

#1 Lady comes over the center line and hits me head on. Both of us doing about 45-50 mph. Not much time to react. I was just reaching for clutch and brakes and standing up and boom! Human lawn dart...a brief moment of silence as I sailed through the darkness.. and lights out. I ground a hole completely through my helmet.

#2 Riding along in the right lane of a divided hwy. Lady pulls into the median to make a left turn and cross the road. She stops...waits....then pulls directly out in front of me. I cut for the left lane to try and miss her. I left approx 3 ft. of skid mark and hit her behind the rear tire. Traveling about 45-50, I hit the car hard enough to spin it around 180 deg and put it into the ditch. Once again, human lawn dart. Land on my head and go skidding down the road. Faak, I hate that!

I walked away from both of these potentially fatal accidents. Not a scratch on me. Here's why I think that is.
Fate, when it's your time, your gone. Gear. Boots, gloves, coat and helmet. Both helmets in these accidents were badly damaged and I was knocked unconscious for long lengths of time. Off road riding. I learned to ride on dirt bikes. I still spend over 75% of my riding time off road. This riding style has engrained the reaction to stand up when technically challenging situations arise. I dont even think about it, I just do it. In both cases, one of the last things I remember is transferring my weight from the seat to the pegs and beginning to stand up. I think this allowed my body to clear the cars as I sailed on by and thus not suffering any serious blunt force trauma.
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