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The silly thing is, I had told my banks what I was doing. I've also been using the cards since I arrived with no problems. It was just strange why they blocked them then, after nearly 3 weeks of use!

Day 18

It started with a trip to the rangers station to try and use their phone. They were kind enough to let me try. However the phone would not let me dial internationally.
I got the directions to the nearest McDonald's, and off I went to use their WiFi.

Success! :)

I managed to get through to my bank and sort everything out.

In the afternoon I took a leisurely paced ride up scenic highway 7, stopping at some nice overlooks.

I headed over the Buffalo River, before arriving in Eureka Springs, AR :)

There were no ADVers I could see in the area, so I organised to stay with somebody through the couch surfing website that Jamie had mentioned to me.

Blayne was the guy I was to stay with in Eureka Springs. Over the phone he told me it was a campground set up and that he didn't have a couch, but he did have a spare 'bedroom'. I was intrigued. A campground with a spare bedroom!?

I turned up at what looked like a dumping ground for old vehicles and general rubbish. Then Blayne appeared from behind an old bus to greet me and invite me into his place. The bus! The bus was his house!

It was actually quite a cool setup and very nice inside. It had everything you could ever need. Electric, water, stove etc.

He then showed me to the spare bedroom. It turned out to be an old bread van with a few old bits of furniture in. Fine by me. This is an adventure and not scared of sleeping out in the open.

Blayne plays a fiddle in a local band, so he invited me down to the pub where he was playing that night. We had some good food and nice ales, before watching his band.

They were a really entertaining and a totally different music experience to anything I've seen before.

I was introduced to a few of his friends, more drinks were had, until we ended up on the deck outside his friends place (another bus), around a fire, drinking red wine from a bag.

I actually did end up sleeping on a couch that night, rather than in the back of a van. Nobody could drive, so a few of us stayed nearby, in an actual house!
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