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Actully if its done right its a 30 minut job to swap it back from a reverse trike to a quad. It would be as simple as pulling one shock bolt and the swing arm bolt, slideing the trike swingarm out and roleing the quad swingarm back under it. Swap the front tires and it would be ready to go.

Here's the real reasion I'm even thinking about this. I like the Can-Am Spyder but it is to pricy and it will not do dirt roads very well. Also to make the raptor a trike all I have to do is build a swingarm. Or find one that will bolt up. A few here have seen it tore down. It truly looks like a super bike frame with A-arms atached. I thought about builting a revers trike from a bike but that's a lot of fab work. And ill have th buy a bike. I have the Raptor and any fab work I do can simply be unbolted and swaped out with the stock parts.

Yeah I spend way to much time bored and thinking about building dumb things. But I bet if I build it and ride it to a rally most of y'all will want a turn on it..
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