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Originally Posted by mon the biffy View Post
He then showed me to the spare bedroom. It turned out to be an old bread van with a few old bits of furniture in. Fine by me. This is an adventure and not scared of sleeping out in the open.

I actually did end up sleeping on a couch that night, rather than in the back of a van. Nobody could drive, so a few of us stayed nearby, in an actual house!
That, my friend, is a Union City Stepvan...(I've had 7 of 'em)...and too bad on the missed opprotunity to sleep in one, as they're quite lovely to crash out in. (the voice of experience here)

here's a tip if you haven't heard yet...

most public library's have free Wi-Fi...and it's usually a great place to meet folks and get information on the local sights and offerings.

It seems to me like your covering ALOT of ground ina very short amount of time. I can't believe you're already talking about heading toward Texas. You haven't even touched the South yet...and you need to do Key West. Too much to see before moving on so soon!

Really enjoying you RR though!!

Enjoy yourself...and be safe.
"Good Times & Good Friends Make Life Better"
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