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Originally Posted by Thanantos View Post
Google maps and Google navigation are just awesome, but there is no easy way (that I know of) to import or use a custom route even though the desktop browser version of Google maps is one of the most awesome tools for creating custom routes. I hope like hell that Google soon adds that feature, and Garmin hopes like hell they don't.
It's already possible. You can create GPX files from Google Maps very easily:

1) Create your Google Maps, car or walking work fine.
2) Add the GMapToGPX to your favorites icon bar,
3) Click the GMapToGPX favorite and select FULL, copy all the text output and save in a file as YourFile.GPX
4) Go to, Track Creator, import a file and load YourFile.GPX
5) Once loaded click the Refresh Elevation button
6) Now export it as a GPX Route
7) Viola, you now have a route that you created in Google Maps as a full fledged GPX file with elevation. You can import it into the GPS App/Device of your choice.
I have a feeling that there are some decisions being made on certain teams lately to make things more complex in order to ensure a certain technological standard of confusion is met.
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