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Originally Posted by Dr. Greg View Post
What I feared for Lorenzo was this:

1. I fractured left humerus in high-speed tankslapper get-off a few years ago
2. Had it plated & screwed by orthopods
3. Started riding a pushbike after about 3 weeks
4. Two screws ripped out: NON-UNION!
5. Had to repeat step 2...this time I stayed in bed for a year (well...)

To do what Jorge did that soon was---to me---absolutely petrifying!!
Originally Posted by cogitate View Post
My concern as well, with 13 screws in my right arm holding the plate (as I posted earlier), even pushing my motorcycle around the garage was out of the question. Just moving it! Not racing at 200 mph! Superman!

Kinda makes Ben Spies look like a....
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