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Originally Posted by dieselpete View Post
Every once in a while LEO reminds me to slow down in order to grow up...

Money, and licence aside, just starting to enjoy riding at legal limits...

Guess its old age, or the fact the GS tops out at 125.

Without tunnel vision, speed some how lost its thrill.
I know the feeling. I even had a court order to sell my 954RR due to speeding. The mindset changed for me when I realized it was far more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. Supermotos and dual sports make everything, even slow speed stuff, so much more fun compared to riding a sport bike. On the track that's one thing but sport bikes are just too capable to be legally fun to ride on the street.

As for illegal fun on sport bikes, there's really nothing else quite like burning down the freeway doing 130-150mph on the 280 south and heading to Alice's for an early breakfast before hitting the canyons for some knee down turns and evading LEOs. Too dangerous after several years of that... everyone has to grow up I guess.
I have a feeling that there are some decisions being made on certain teams lately to make things more complex in order to ensure a certain technological standard of confusion is met.
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