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Originally Posted by Mat View Post
I do like to read his posts, they are usually quite well thought out and offer an interesting perspective (which I agree with sometimes, and sometimes not).

As an aside, relevant to the discussion, what is defined as "fighting in Afghanistan"? Just being there or actually fighting with guns blazing, being shot at? Or just being in Afghanistan? As a Western soldier, afghan soldier, Taliban, suicide bomber, civilian, who exactly? They all have vastly different mortality rates.

It is a dumb comparison, if you ask me. Then again Dakez already said what had to be said a few pages ago
Lets, for arguments sake, say Taliban suicide bomber on a motorcycle.

Should he ride ATGATT or not? Hypothetically, as a result of not wearing a spine protector and a leather jacket (because it is too hot) he dies in a crash on the way to the target, without blowing up. He has still thrown his life away, for a stupid reason, but without first maiming some innocent women and children. Does he still get his 72 virgins?
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