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Originally Posted by Padmei View Post
Love that 1st pic of the last report. Even the bike doesn't like going out on rainy days

Now that you've done the miles & been thru a few bikes what do you reckon you'd take for your next RTW? What would you do different?

I'm only asking cos i've found a failsafe system of winning the Lotto - I've been working on it for 20 years are asking me for advice .... not sure if I am privilaged or if this is a set up

Ok, my experience (which can be bought for a small failsafe cut of 90%)((and this will differ from others)) I reckon the DRZ400 with Safari tank, Colbatch soft luggage, wolfman tank bag and small Wolfman or similar rollie for the back.

This is based on one up.

Two up the SE is a fantastic platform with how we have it set up, or the new F800GS Adventure or Tiger 800.

The next adventure will be only me (and Craig I hope far) .... back to Iceland, 2-3 months June, July, August, then over to Europe, Russia, Stans, Asia and up to Anadyr in eastern Russia, looking for dudes to ride with

Bike will be DRZ400 as above, light, economical, Japanese, a little slower than a big bike but you get to see more ....bonus.

If adventure touring say two up then the SE with hard luggage as you can carry more, nothing less than Jesses end of story, Adv, F8 etc are all great bikes and all have their weaknesses .... there is NO perfect bike end of story.

All in all you need an extendable retractable, deflatable, inflatable, carburated, fuel injected, auto hight lowering road bike that is superior in mud ......easy as
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